Thursday, August 15, 2013

Okay. It's 2:30 a.m. and here I am, wondering what in the hell I'm doing writing a blog. In this time-crunched world, why would I do this? I tell myself it's for my own good, especially this blog (I have two others. One is company-related, meaning my job, and the other is a book Linda, my wife, and I have written--are writing. You'll have to look at that blog to understand what's going on. No space here.). I'm doing this--this blog--for myself. I'm sorting things out. And at the same time, I'm sharing my sortings with anyone who might want to tag along. I'm seventy years old, so there's no way I'll get rich or famous writing this blog, because, in all seriousness, there isn't enough time left on this world for me. Maybe I can share a few insights with others, help someone out along the way. I'll probably gather a crowd of kooks. Hell--I am a kook, so the more the merrier. Linda will get on my case for using hell and damn, but I like those words. I enjoy using them, where needed, to put emphasis on things. Plus, I must admit, using a curse word now and then is cool. And let's face it, hell and damn are pretty mild. They don't make my musings here not for children. Hey--I'm rambling.
    Back to my first question--the one that should set the tone for this blog. Why? Why am I doing this? I said "for my own good," and that's what I meant. The title of this blog is "500 Opinions." That's because I plan to outline, over a long period of time, the "Top 100" of five different lists. I love lists. These lists of mine--so far--will be the "Top 100" books, movies, TV shows, meals, and funny papers--the top 100 of all time. Yes, yes, yes--pure opinion, and an egotistical one at that. By the way, I can't think of a better word or phrase for funny papersCartoons doesn't work for me, so unless someone out there has a better phrase, I'll stick with funny papers. Comics might be better--as in the web site, Go-Comics--but I want to differentiate between comics, as in stand-up, and comic books--my list is the top 100 funny papers. Of course, I doubt it'll reach 100. More like 25. I'll re-title it when I'm done.
    Yes--I know--you don't have to tell me. These lists are merely my opinions. You will not agree with my lists, I'm sure. That's not the point. Remember--I'm doing this for myself. How? How will sharing my egotistical opinions help me? I'll give you an example in my next posting. This blog-writing is time-consuming. I hope I find it worthwhile.

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  1. Looks like you're definitely kooky. Welcome to the club. Looking forward to seeing the lists. I love lists too. I don't think you have to keep it to just five. Good blogs are made by seeing just how far down the rabbit-hole the writer will go, and I doubt you give a damn about doing something half way.